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Butchering Poultry

*Table of Contents for Butchering Poultry Section is at bottom of this page.*

I added this new section in late December, 2008, and moved into it the seven-page photo-illustrated article, “Homestead Poultry Butchering.”

January 29, 2009, I added two companion articles on the homemade “Whizbang” poultry plucker. The first page introduces Herrick Kimball's design, widely used by both ambitious homesteaders and small-scale producers serving local broiler markets. The second is a Guest Article by my friend Mike Rininger, who shares with us photos and the most important materials and construction details from his Whizbang project.

After I published my original “Whizbang” article in Backyard Poultry Magazine, David Schafer wrote to BYP's editor that he markets his assembled “Featherman” plucker, for considerably less than the two or three thousand dollars or more that I cited as typical prices for commercial models. I'm sorry that I failed to point readers to the Featherman at that time. I plan to add a page about it in this section in the near future. In the meantime, check David's site for more information. ~Harvey, January 29, 2009