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Harvey’s Cover Crop Talk
Presented at New Country Organics, September 2015

The company I buy my certified-organic feed ingredients from is New Country Organics in Waynesboro, Virginia. NCO has recently made a serious commitment to educational outreach for its customers and for others interested in regenerative homesteading and farming. I presented a talk at their facility September 19, 2015, on cover crops and cover cropping strategies. The talk was recorded and is now on offer in NCO’s YouTube channel.

This talk summarizes many of the ideas in The Joys of Cover Cropping, though it presents some new ideas as well, especially the role of the American bison on the mid-western prairies as a paradigm for natural soil nurture.

The recording process created an occasional “fade to black” interruption in the flow of the talk which is jarring at first but does not really interfere much with the development of the topic.

The talk lasts an hour and a half including a question and answer period. Access the YouTube stream by clicking on the image below.


Click anywhere in the above image