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Tools and Accessories


Electric net fencing is a fundamental tool for management of my poultry flocks. I have found high-quality equipment, excellent service, and expert advice at Premier Fencing Supply.

Friends whose judgment I value also recommend Kencove.


I strongly favor hand tools for working the garden and pasture. Particular favorites are the broadfork and the scythe—both are a joy when well used. I like Lehman's, an Amish company in Kidron, Ohio, for highest quality, well designed tools—the sort you buy once and use a lifetime—as well as other items for the homesteading life. If you need a source for a broadfork, a traditional scythe, garden carts, and well crafted digging and cultivating tools, by all means check Lehman's out. (877-438-5346)

See the Guest Article by Larry Cooper, “A Handcrafted Broadfork”, for more on this excellent tool. You can order one of Larry's handmade broadforks at Gulland Forge.

I haven't ordered from them as yet (I plan to do so soon), but the Scythe Supply Company in Perry, Maine looks like just the place for a scythe afficionado. The website has a lot of good basic information about scythe design and use, accessories, etc.