Three options (of many) for supporting the door until the hen nudges its edge while entering the nest, triggering release: (1) Make a prop stick from two dowels joined in an L shape to support one corner of the door. (Shown in the picture “Modified Swinging-Door Trapnest.”) (2) Loosely hang one end of a length of wire through a hook set into the nestbox top, and bend the other end to hook the door’s edge. (3) Bolt through one wall of the nest a notched pivot, fashioned from a scrap of wood, leaving the bolt loose enough to spin freely. The mount point for the bolt must be deeper into the nest than the edge of the door in its set position; and the bolt must be positioned higher in the pivot than its mid-point. Set the corner of the door’s edge into the notch of the pivot. When the hen knocks the corner of the door out of the notch, the bottom-heavy pivot swings to vertical, outside the path of the falling door.